我也不需要怜悯 只需不再苛求我 别。就算了吧 何必再让我那么伤心 难道就那么开心看着我作戏 还爱我的话,还我点自尊 让我自由自在地私低下 撕心裂肺


First, its the limps that went. Like a malfunctioning puppet. Then, its the heart that went. I wondered where the heartbeat went. So I’m left with nothing but raw emotions, and barely functioning logic and sanity that loosely stitched me together. Because, I still need to my job in order to survive this whole new […]


Manifested physically. You can feel it. In the slow twisting sad muscle constrictions of your heart. In the hot tingling embarrassed sensation all over your skin. In the laboured and shortness of your broken breathe. In the sudden, unexpected wellings of tears pooled in the corner of your eyes. In the confusing, swirling thoughts in […]


My problem is, I want to do too many things, but with too little time and not quite sufficient dough. #firstworldproblem


We were walking on the road looking for cab when your driver slowed down the car, and you offered us a ride. You said to me, “Let’s spend some time together.” I was abnormally happy and snuggled up to you at the backseat and promptly fall asleep. Next thing I know, you flicked open the […]


On a rainy day, to cuddle and watch soaps with a hot chocolate. On a hot day, to get ice cream and laugh at the mess we made. On a sunny day, to hold hands and go for a nice walk in the park. On a gloomy day, to reminisce of the better parts of our […]


Them who know me on surface tell me, you are strong. Them who know me from young tell me, you are strong. Them who know me intimately tell me, you are strong. I always just smiled. No point telling them that I have hurt so much that being weak is not an option, showing my […]


The fundamental problem of a conversation is… UNSOLICITED ADVICE. At best, the advice given will be promptly forgotten or simply dismissed. At worst, it becomes a fucking nuisance and I will definitely think that you just like to hear your own voice and dish out your own wisdom without any interest in hearing or understanding what […]


Grey was never my favourite color. It’s not mysteriously black, it’s not innocently white, it’s not cheerfully yellow, and it’s not sexily red. It’s just… bland. I thought it quite lack of character, definition, distinctiveness. Strangely, I have always associated grey with the gloomy weather of London, even though I have never step foot in London […]


True love is a fallacy. Soul mate is a fallacy. Forever is a fallacy. Fairy tale is a fallacy. Above all – Never, EVER, believe in fairy tales. Cos fairy tales hardly involves fairies.


I’m tired. Tired of being independent. Tired of being strong. Tired of guarding my heart. Tired of guessing. Tired of playing games. Tired of feeling alone. So that nobody can hurt me and walk away from me thinking that I’d be coping just fine. Nobody can decide that they can play with my heart or […]


For want of a different scene, I spontaneously booked a yoga retreat to a country I’ve never traveled before to usher in my new year. Oh who am I kidding. I’ve been wanting to go Cambodia. I’ve been wanting to do soul searching. I’ve been wanting to travel solo. I’ve been wanting to really, just […]


I’m deeply upset. I may not cry in front of anyone, but I am still very, very, upset. Nobody gives a shit when I tell them I’m upset. So, I brush off my tears, pick myself up, and it’s another new day. Sad be fucked.

Vanilla VS Chocolate

I have meant to write earlier, it’s just that I have been caught up with small and little and many and much more business. You know what I mean. The changes are imperceptible. Subtle, even. Thus when they caught up on me it’s already too late. Like I now like vanilla more than chocolate.

McDreamy 2

After precisely one year and three months, I finally dreamed about you again, Mr McDreamy. We were in the midst of planning our wedding, and were very much in love. When you hugged me, I had the same feeling of warmth and permeates my whole being – so much so that I can feel my […]


那天,遇见了你。 之前还在想,不会那么巧吧。 一回头就看见你,一颗心好像要从胸口里跳出来,脸热热的。 总觉得,很多事情需要在之前发生,我们才能那么凑巧的在那个地点那个时间那个日期偶遇。 你生活还好吧?身体无恙?父母安康? 这些,也只能够从寒暄中带过算了。 那天去了她的演唱会听了这首歌,就想到了你。 这首歌,就送你吧。 祝你幸福。


There is a whole new world in my mouth. Inside my mouth, there is a bubble of different dimension, and inside the bubble there is a rock. On top of the rock, there is bright blue color nudi. And the nudi is swaying together with the current. I kept opening my mouth and pointing at […]

Ex mum

I was walking down a long flight of stairs somewhere when I bumped into my ex’s mum, whom I had a child with her son and somehow didn’t manage to stick together. We greeted each other and I hold her hands to assist her walking down the stairs and we chatted amicably. We didn’t bring […]

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