all hitched!

one of my closest friend is getting married….

Does Harith Really Dunno?

Initially, I bought the tickets of Harith Iskandar “I Don’t Know” as a surprise for JC. But as days went by I was SO looking forward to this stand up comedy by the renowned Harith Iskandar. Douglas Lim, whom I have seen him on stage twice, featured the opening act. (Honestly if he’s going to […]

Exercise your right to vote!

Here it is! Today! The voting day.Quite outrage to know that the EC is just so inefficient.I’m dying to see the results today~ the argot of an eidolon ~

a topsy turvy xmas dinner

It was once again the most anticipated CE’s company dinner. This year, thanks to our creativity-in-abundance director Dicky, the Top Room @ Top Hat Restaurant is transformed into a cosy little family room with a cheery fireplace (with fake fire, of course). Everyone was supposed to dress up in something Christmasy (green and red? ughh). […]

BBQ @ home sweet home

I think I forgot to mention what was all the grocery shopping for… BBQ AT HOME! Dad bought some hugggeeee prawns and scallops (both my favourite!) and there’s pork and mutton and dad’s prized sweet potato which he grew with his brothers (for fun, seriously… *sweat*). I personally enjoyed the food a lot since there’s […]

The Hypercubes are back! Sept 21@ Zouk, KL

YESSSS… I’m finally back to my usual blogging self after a 15 hour comatose-like sleep! Well, so does the Hypercube apparently! I’ve featured The Hypercubes at couple months back and it’s still on my top 3 favourite albums list. Now, they’re going to play at Zouk KL this Friday, Sept 21! *jumping up & […]

passionate night out

Guessed I’ve been converted to a true R&B gal… as I’ve no idea how to dance with trance/techno music anymore. Hah! Anyway, click on the picture above for more pictures at sexy Ann Tu’s blog. the argot of an eidolon ~

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