The Hannibal Second Screen App Experience on AXN-Asia

I have been seeing the advertisements for Hannibal from the recent weeks’ “The Voice” till I could memorized some of the words. Although this is way too much ads, I must admit they also served to pique my interest. So I found myself faithfully sitting in front of the TV watching the first episode of […]

How to fix your low Skype sound on Windows 7

For months I have been struggling with low Skype voice / sound / volume when people messaged me. Note that this is not the same as the volume for Skype call, which one can easily tune. I tried adjusting from the volume icon – it didn’t work. I tried adjusting from the control panel – […]

Rockmelt VS Chrome

I started looking into an alternative for Google Chrome because it started to… what’s the correct word to use here?… Failed, maybe…? In any case, it has became very laggy and my just simply refused to function. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Chrome. But this pissed me off to no end ‘cos […]

Quick Test of Google Drive

I’ve just “signed up” for the new Google Drive! Google claims that they can now help to combine and sync your work, life and play together via 1 simple step – Google Drive. Naturally, all things efficient and effective excite and arouse me. As in… arouse my interest… (What were you thinking?)

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