Movie Review: Jobs 2013

I went to watch “Jobs” the movie without a clue that it is the biographical drama film based on the life of Steve Jobs. I heard about Ashton Kutcher taking the role of Steve Jobs some time ago, and that’s about it, I didn’t know it was named “Jobs”. *duh* If you don’t already know, […]

The Hannibal Second Screen App Experience on AXN-Asia

I have been seeing the advertisements for Hannibal from the recent weeks’ “The Voice” till I could memorized some of the words. Although this is way too much ads, I must admit they also served to pique my interest. So I found myself faithfully sitting in front of the TV watching the first episode of […]

movie review: the crazies

“THE CRAZIES” while you have read genocides that happened not so long ago, you have not seen masses of bodies piled up with caked blood and swamped with buzzing flies.

Review: The Book of Eli

Yet another one-man-show hero upholding Christianity faith and all that is good, while systematically disposing criminals and opposing all that is not good, in a post-apocalypse world movie…

All hail AVATAR!

rave about AVATAR by James Cameron – the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life

a quickie movie reviews

The fact that I can write snippets about so many of them at one go is a testimony of me watching too many movies this month . Here goes: Ah Long Pte Ltd (rating: 5/5) This is a MUST WATCH! The creatively funny scenes and punch lines (hint: ah gua, mother, pregnant) will sent you […]

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