McDreamy 2

After precisely one year and three months, I finally dreamed about you again, Mr McDreamy. We were in the midst of planning our wedding, and were very much in love. When you hugged me, I had the same feeling of warmth and permeates my whole being – so much so that I can feel my […]


那天,遇见了你。 之前还在想,不会那么巧吧。 一回头就看见你,一颗心好像要从胸口里跳出来,脸热热的。 总觉得,很多事情需要在之前发生,我们才能那么凑巧的在那个地点那个时间那个日期偶遇。 你生活还好吧?身体无恙?父母安康? 这些,也只能够从寒暄中带过算了。 那天去了她的演唱会听了这首歌,就想到了你。 这首歌,就送你吧。 祝你幸福。


感情? 连刚开始的那一步 都觉得 太奢侈太劳力了 还是单身省力


今天 我终于可以说 我是放下你了


看过往的照片 很想念我们在星期六喝酒聊天大笑的开怀感觉 现在,感觉比较沉重 物是人非 可不可以回到过去?


heart aflutter skin atingle feeling just a little elated pitter-patter

Love (爱 )

爱。 这个字, 用得太泛滥了。

About Complaint

The most hilarious thing is, I can’t even complain to anyone that I know of about how pissed off I am about you, and about what you did and what you said and how you reacted, because that will make me look stupid by proxy ultimately. ~by Anonymous

The Value of Friendship

They say, you are a total sum of your friends. That is to say that the characters of your friends are a reflection of your own characters. Let’s just be clear. There are many types of “friends” available out there – activities buddies, party folks, acquaintance, business partners, close friends, and the Best Friend Forever (BFF). […]

I dreamed about you

I dreamed about you yesterday, you know. I was elected as a town mayor (probably too much 4sq), and my friends were all celebrating with me at a cozy little restaurant on top of a small hill where I spotted you and pretended that I didn’t see you. But you saw me later, and walked […]

Love, actually

We were having a blast in a sunny island with pristine white sand beaches and lovely blue sea. It was a long deserved trip, what with both of us being so busy…

What about the men who had sex with these women?

Last year, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno – a Malay Muslim lady who was caught drinking beer in a nightclub – was sentenced to six strokes of the cane by the almighty Shariah Court, a parellel legal system that applies to Muslim only. You must have known that this sparked international interest and serious concern over […]

It is just a phone call

and senseless conversation but it’s enough to make my day! And it no longer matters what shitty things I have to deal with during day time. Mmm… JC’s the best! 🙂

is successful relationship an urban legend?

Chick A and Chick B are analyzing a relationship – so what does it mean when he said things like that, so what did he tell you the other night, so what happens when he acts like that, so what should I do now, so what will you do if you are me… etc etc […]

"Sex And The City" & Men

For girls like me, “Sex And The City” is the singular shrine TV series that is therapeutic, healing as well as educational to me. From Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda: – we learned that “he’s just not into you”; – we learned that bad sex life will eventually crashed a marriage; – we learned that […]

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