Welcoming the new year of 2010

Happy New Year! New Year resolutions are one way to look forward to having a better year than last.

the demise of any mobile phone pagan owns

Yesterday. Yesterday I lost my phone. AGAIN. Yes, again. I think it’s the… 6th time? 8th? I first realized my phone was missing when I was sitting in a meeting room with a bunch of movers-n-shakers ladies waiting for the chair to arrive. There was really no point going back to the waiting room which […]

bleeding feet

This morning I broke a glass and it cut my feet.It didn’t stop bleeding for a good five minutes.The toilet floor was covered with my fresh blood.I couldn’t help but think, is someone up there trying to ask me to clear up my head and be thankful to my current life?Stop thinking so much.And stop […]

emotionally void

What is that you called? Happiness?What is that you mentioned? Sad?What is that you asked? Exaltation?What is that you said? Disappointment? I’m sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about.Asked me again when I have a couple of fermented barley juice sitting nicely in my tummy.Maybe then, perhaps then, I will comprehend […]

rain rain go away

Did anyone noticed how it rains HEAVILY almost everyday at almost the same time for some days? Like two weeks earlier the rain started about 4pm, then it shifted to about 5pm, then moved to about 6, 7-ish, causing KL traffic to be at a massive standstill. Now… this week it rained as it pleased. […]

每隔三几个月就会有很莫明的觉得闷。 很闷很闷。极闷极闷。 做什么都起不起了劲。对着任何人超过五分钟已觉得累。再美再好的东西亦觉得不过尔尔。 天啊,谁来救救我的闷境! the argot of an eidolon ~


今天突然发现,长得略为平头整面已经不易, 所以,长得美实为天赐,必需好好珍惜并多加以利用。 兮,怪不得通街都喜欢看明星,模特儿,美女,帅哥。 the argot of an eidolon ~

i hereby solemnly swear

…that I will not write disgusting gooey lovey dovey messages to ANYONE when I’m high, or drunk. Ugh! the argot of an eidolon ~

morbid conversations

Sent at 4:27 PM on Wednesday Chin: pagaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn me: yes? Chin: can u kill me? me: sure pick: 1) gun 2) throw you down from KLCC 3) give u poison 4) ask people to gang rape you then smother you Chin: waliau the 4th so cuel me: 5) give u a boat + an oar […]

the cause of traffic jam

Ever since the government decided to wantonly hike up the fuel price, the rush hours are somehow getting weirder. The usual 7am jam is virtually non-existant, while the previously non-existant 8.00pm jam started! Car pool people, car pool! Like what my friend and I are doing. It is a waste (of your money and street […]


…is the last thing I’d want to do. Usually tend to avoid it at all cost if possible. But there are times, when one has no choice but to initiate confrontation. Hopefully can just blah everything out and be done with it. To be or not to be. It’s time. I’ll try my best not […]

I’m florescent!

Any clubbers that have stepped foot inside Zouk KL will know that it has ample UV lights to make anyone that wears white, or has white teeth, or has white eyes or white shoes glow eerily. So you think Zouk Singapore is the same? WRONG. THINK AGAIN. I was there with my buddies CC & […]

monday blues

…hit me like a tsunami wave. Work is same old, same old. Ever since the invention of email everybody seems to abuse it. No matter, I am the queen of flooding people’s mailbox. Life perception changes when one grows up, usually not the in way they intended. What is your ambition when you are younger? […]

are those donkeys I saw in the cinema?

I’m quite concerned about the population of Malaysia, when nowadays I saw more donkeys than proper human beings in the cinema. How do you identify the donkeys? Well… First they came in a gang (perhaps they like to gang bang or they think numbers scares people) – more than two usually. Secondly they love to […]

annoying habits

I am an impatient person – QUIT repeating to me more than once since I have other work to do– GET TO THE POINT immediately when you want something out from me and stop hogging the phone line I am not stupid– DETEST is an understatement for anyone who writes to ensure that I didn’t […]

stress level: 150%

Lots of things to do. Overwhelmed. Swamped. In a good way. I don’t have spare brain cells to think about anything else except work. work. WORK! the argot of an eidolon ~

give me my personal space!

Whether you like it or not, the whole world has became a place where most urbanites experience a unique sensation – queue-ing up. Be it for food, to get into a sizzling club, for taxi, as long as you live in city, you need to queue up for one thing or another. (Which explains why […]

shoes vs Changi Airport

6.30pm I was chatting excitedly with my colleagues about the current Malaysia politics when “Don’t you have to go to airport now?” somebody asked. Yeah yeah, sure. I got time! My flight’s 8.55pm anyway. 7.40pm Reached airport due to the massive jam all the way from Orchard Road. But I still got time, no rush! […]

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