The urge is strong. Must resist this urge until a better one comes along. And I shall wait patiently, like all good scorpio.

Goodbye, 2013

Goodbye now 2013 – of diving at live volcano, of diving at wreck, of diving at live-on-board, of completing ERF & rescue, of organizing various events, of running my 1st & 2nd marathon, of reading Steven Erikson, of meeting new friends, of cementing friendships over beer & gym & holiday trips, of acquiring a huge […]

The Peter Pan Generation

No career plan. No mortgage. No marriage. No children. No savings plan. No retirement plans. Sounds like you?


Sometimes, people just want to be left alone, even if they are the extremely extrovert type.

The Joy of Being Prideful

“Where’s the joy in being prideful?”, she asked. “None.”, she answered.

2013 New Year Resolutions

Finally – the Maya nonsense is over and done with, and the world gets to enjoy a whole new Millennia ahead of it without any more of the Armageddon-type failed prophecies! (hmm… or are there any more?!) So with every new year comes New Year Resolutions. Whether or not they are being fulfilled are not […]

the cacophony

The needs. The wants. The demands. The obligations. The expectations. The supposition. The noise, the noise, THE NOISE!  has drown everything else, and overstretched . Can we all have some peace and quiet, please.

The Value of Friendship

They say, you are a total sum of your friends. That is to say that the characters of your friends are a reflection of your own characters. Let’s just be clear. There are many types of “friends” available out there – activities buddies, party folks, acquaintance, business partners, close friends, and the Best Friend Forever (BFF). […]

a new life. a new beginning.

I was stuck in a limbo for some time now. There is something vital missing from me and I know not what. I thought about it, I considered, I sweated, I stressed, I re-considered, I thought hard, I reviewed my career and my life thus far, and I slept fitfully, dreaming. Please understand that the […]

too many social networking site?

Today I’ve come to realize that perhaps I have too many social networking sites, on top of it professional sites, and then I am always on the outlook to find a good site that can connect to ALL of them.  And then I have to find social media tools that can connect them to my […]

10 ways to cure boredom at work

1. Read today’s news at online newsportal 2. Listen to music, mp3s, etc 3. Watch youtube for funny and weird videos 4. Check & recheck facebook and twitter for latest status 5. Announce to all your friends that you are very bored

My new fave – Selena Gomez & The Scene “Who Says”

Seriously, never thought that I’d say this, but I really like Selena Gomez & The Scene “Who Says”! Her voice is unique and sweet, just like herself!


saja = for fun in English

Stupidity of Management

It amazes me sometimes on the stupidity of human beings, especially those at the upper echelon.

Stop Patronizing ME!

S-T-O-P patronizing me! I know what I’m doing and if I don’t know what I’m doing, there is no point of you telling me what I do not know now because it is too damn late.

educated women drink more

The key reasons which allegedly drove more well educated woman to drink more than their non-educated peers are…

Too much distraction, too little time

city dwellers now have too little time, too much distraction.

Is it necessary to leave Msia?

Malaysiakini is running a four-part series where Malaysian diaspora are invited to share their reasons to leave the country. There’s this one particular comment, which I think most of us felt it exactly the way he said it. So I’d like to share it with all of you below. The commenter is currently working in […]

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