freak marriage

Here I was sitting in the bride’s waiting room amidst of hub-bub of wedding prepartion, or should I say, ARRANGED marriage prepartion and all I can feel was ridicule. And my groom? One of my high school friends called ‘yam lou’! (One may, at this point, wonder at the wisdom of my parents in picking […]

a dated dream

While packing up my seemingly unending stuff, I chanced upon a dusty little red organizer. In it, I scribbled some appointments and at the last pages of the book, I recorded a dream I had. Which on hindsight, I think I may have a tiny weeny bit of premonition power… 01.02.2005 (Dream 1)In both real […]

toffee nut latte and flying sardines

2 days ago, I dreamt that I was in a school doing some field work with a bunch of people whom I could not remember, then Tyson (yes Tyson, its YOU) walked passed and asked if I need any drinks and I beamed: “Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte please!” (oh yes, as if it’s not enough […]

a second chance

On a calm riverside, there is a 2-storey rectangular house, which has a huge balcony on one end of the second floor, facing the river. Beside the house is a steel bridge connecting to the other side of the river. In the evening light, light music is playing while invited guests mill around mingling and […]

dreaming in bangkok

I have strange dreams in Bangkok. They were all so real, especially the emotions and ambience. First, I dreamed about my deceased grandfather. He was all smiles when he walked into a private dining room in a Chinese restaurant with a lot of people inside (I forgot if they’re relatives, or friends, or whoever. But […]

nicole kidman, really?

>Usually when I got home from a big night out, a dreamless sleep will ensue. Not yesterday night though! Actually this is the last part of my long-story-dream which I had. I remembered laughing out loud cos somebody in my dreams said something so incredibly stupid that I can’t control myself! And TWO of them! […]

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