McDreamy 2

After precisely one year and three months, I finally dreamed about you again, Mr McDreamy. We were in the midst of planning our wedding, and were very much in love. When you hugged me, I had the same feeling of warmth and permeates my whole being – so much so that I can feel my […]


During my nap today I dreamt about you. We were holidaying at a nature/scenic place surrounded by water. We were walking when you suddenly hold my hands. I let you hold my hands till we reached a corner, where you turn me around to kiss me. Even to kiss me you are hesitant. And I’m […]

Of Bulgari, wedding and love

A whole bunch of us were attending a wedding of someone really rich and famous, and were given a house in a big arse compound to stay over. To reach the wedding ceremony place, we have to walk downhill from the house. I remember discovering a turn table-ish device with 4 sides on the floor […]

The Disease Queen

My dream today is a little different. I’m at this house with a man who married a witch that spreads diseases. They have a daughter, who is the sole reason I go house visit. The dad is constantly laboring hard, fixing the house, attending to the sick animals, taking care of the wife and daughter. […]


There is a whole new world in my mouth. Inside my mouth, there is a bubble of different dimension, and inside the bubble there is a rock. On top of the rock, there is bright blue color nudi. And the nudi is swaying together with the current. I kept opening my mouth and pointing at […]

Ex mum

I was walking down a long flight of stairs somewhere when I bumped into my ex’s mum, whom I had a child with her son and somehow didn’t manage to stick together. We greeted each other and I hold her hands to assist her walking down the stairs and we chatted amicably. We didn’t bring […]

Killing Spree

I had nightmare yesterday. Terrible nightmare. I dreamt of my dad, my brothers, and somehow I had some sisters. I dreamt of my dad killing random people. I dreamt of other people randomly killing people. I dreamt of a house filled with murder. I dreamt of when I threw punches (literally) with my sisters, somehow […]

Of flower bouquet and tiger

This morning, I dreamt about receiving a bouquet of flowers which when tickle, will slowly unfurl into a colourful dancing cartoon tiger. Although I can’t recall the type of flowers, I have the distinct feeling the tiger is of the Chinese type… (If you know what I mean). Half the joy about having bizarre dreams […]

Of buying a bed

I have a recurring dream of going to the different levels of departmental store trying to purchase a… bed? I remember the layout of the departmental store (somewhat). I remember going to the initial section of the departmental store at 2F and meet the friendly sales couple (they were middle aged uncle & aunty) and […]

Diving and iPhone

I was innocently chillin’ at a dive centre with shore dive front (something like Sipadan Water Village… if you’ve been there), where suddenly I dropped my iPhone into the sea!!! Here’s something you need to know about me – My phone is my life.

Confuzzled Dream

I had a nap and I dreamt about you… Doing all sorts of inappropriate stuff. Then I dreamt about being caught in the boat with you and got dreched in huge body of water. Then I dreamt about having dinner with you. Across the table, there was this Japanese looking dude who smiled at me […]

I dreamed about you

I dreamed about you yesterday, you know. I was elected as a town mayor (probably too much 4sq), and my friends were all celebrating with me at a cozy little restaurant on top of a small hill where I spotted you and pretended that I didn’t see you. But you saw me later, and walked […]

Man Eating Kitten

So there was this time when I was in a rectangular shaped zoo, on which the main attractions are the lion and the aquariums. The fish tanks are located at the back of the zoo; whereas the lion den is smacked right in the centre of the zoo. Nobody can bypass the lion dens if […]

The King’s Mistress

Yesterday though, yesterday I dreamt of a dream filled with the most delicious sense of ambiguity and subtlety of feelings. I felt warm, fuzzy, head over heads in love; I felt jealous, left out, inconspicuous, and neglected.

Love, actually

We were having a blast in a sunny island with pristine white sand beaches and lovely blue sea. It was a long deserved trip, what with both of us being so busy…

An old woman snatch thief

It was night. I was sitting in JC’s CRV’s passenger side and was happily joking with him. We were stopping at the middle lane and were waiting for the lights to turn green so we could go home. Now on the left hand side of the tar road about 30 seconds walking distance away, there […]

what is this dream?!

I’m the mistress of my current boyfriend – who is married to an unknown woman! What the hell is this?

little girl, pythons and bus

It was a tad chilly outside on a bright day at an unfamiliar place. A little family of three was having a hay day exploring a most interesting building which combined office space with exotic animals, living in cages of course. Then the little golden hair girl was found standing in front of a big […]

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