The Solution to World’s Problem

I recently came across this video by’s CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. In case you did not already know, is the world’s number one internet domain name company that is valued at approximately USD 2 billion. I totally admire Bob Parsons or any entrepreneur that makes it big – I mean, that’s got […]

Kota Kinabalu Trip – Day 2

Day 2 of Kota Kinabalu Trip, where we discovered wild durians with orange seeds, wild banana with redish skin, black rambutans, weird gooey fruit that looks like nangka, a gorgeous temple, the base of Mount Kinabalu, Kungdasan War Memorial, and Poring Hot Springs. Missed rafflesia though.

Kota Kinabalu Trip

I’ve been to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, even Vietnam and Australia. Yet, I’ve never been to East Malaysia. Would you believe it? It’s really a shame. So it comes to the yearly trip Ann, Susan, Chin and me started couple years back, we’ve decided to go local-support Malaysia economy and reduce carbon footprint […]

cameron highland trip

well, it has been AGES since I update my blog. Sorry bloggy dear, I promise I won’t neglect you for long from now on. Ah well… then again, you are only too aware of my ‘promises’. Just like how I promise I’m going to lose those extra kgs since 12yo, how I promise I’m going […]

sun, surf and beach @ cherating

Nevermind that Cherating is 5 hours away from KL; nevermind that it was last minute notice; nevermind that we have to leave at odd hours; nevermind that I have never surf before – I was going to the famous Cherating Beach!!!!! So it was at 11.30pm that the 3 crazy folks – Fang, JC & […]

it’s good to be back!

I know I’m going to go down in hell by saying this (wait, I’m already Pagan, so I’m doomed anyway… *shrugged*),but 5 consecutive days touring with family is more than enough. Note to self: Keep all family tours strictly to 4D3N only. Don’t get me wrong, I had an enjoyable time annoying my brothers, eating […]

Zouk Out!

I promised myself I will go to ZoukOut before I turned 30. But I would have never have thought that my ZoukOut trip will be SO interesting…Incident 1 @ FridayFirst off, somebody*ahem* remembered that she did NOT bring her passport AFTER we got pass Malacca! (And she only realized when she was trying to tell […]

the fish and me @ aquaria, klcc

I spent an unhealthy amount of time in KL Convention Centre doing events throughout my course of life in KL, and passed by the entrance of Aquaria endless times, but I never get around to step my foot into it. Strange, consider I like fishes a lot. There are many reasons why I prefer fish […]

Zoo Negara Trip

I actually have a list of place that I wanted to visit in KL like Zoo Negara, Aquaria, the whatever wheel, FRIM, Science Centre. So couple weeks ago, I was bored out of my mind and decided to visit the Zoo Negara since I’ve never been there ever (shame on me) and dragged DB along […]

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