A New Leaf

Today I relearn a very important lesson in life – The Law of Attraction. You are where you are right now because of the thoughts you projected. This universal law applies to every single aspect of one’s life – your health, your relationship, your wealth and ultimately, your happiness. Positive thoughts and actions attract positive […]


真空时期 无需 无求 无欲 无望 务求四大皆空 🙂

Killing Spree

I had nightmare yesterday. Terrible nightmare. I dreamt of my dad, my brothers, and somehow I had some sisters. I dreamt of my dad killing random people. I dreamt of other people randomly killing people. I dreamt of a house filled with murder. I dreamt of when I threw punches (literally) with my sisters, somehow […]


I believed I haven’t stop drinking since Christmas 2013! Well, there might be a break of 1 or 2 days in between… But seriously, I’ve been steadfastly drinking. Especially during CNY 2014, and I haven’t slow down yet. Guess the stress doesn’t help. I feel like I’m in a perpetual state of alcohol-fume. Meh.


Perception is dangerous. Set in a social setting, it is how one immediately or intuitively perceive or recognize the other person’s character, image or behaviour. Perception is dangerous. As it forms quickly and naturally, therefore one tends to think of one’s perception as absolutely correct, even though this other person may not be who you […]

2014 CNY Resolution

It’s fun to make resolutions, even if they’re not being follow through. Chinese New Year is just round the corner, and its a perfect time to make a resolution! I only have one this year: I consciously choose to only do things that I am happy. Not happy? Then I don’t do. Sounds simple? We’ll […]


感情? 连刚开始的那一步 都觉得 太奢侈太劳力了 还是单身省力


今天 我终于可以说 我是放下你了

最近一直有人叫我多写些 我就多写些吧。 只是,我现在比较喜欢用中文写。


看过往的照片 很想念我们在星期六喝酒聊天大笑的开怀感觉 现在,感觉比较沉重 物是人非 可不可以回到过去?

The essence of life

Only when I am alone That I truly comprehend the full existance of my life

Of flower bouquet and tiger

This morning, I dreamt about receiving a bouquet of flowers which when tickle, will slowly unfurl into a colourful dancing cartoon tiger. Although I can’t recall the type of flowers, I have the distinct feeling the tiger is of the Chinese type… (If you know what I mean). Half the joy about having bizarre dreams […]


heart aflutter skin atingle feeling just a little elated pitter-patter

Love (爱 )

爱。 这个字, 用得太泛滥了。

Happy 2014!

HAPPY 2014 PEEPS!!! The last day of my 2013 concluded with a bang! I couldn’t be happier as my hard work finally paid off. It’s a perfect conclusion to my 2013. I’d like to think that this paved a way for my 2014’s luck, and hoped that both my career and my wealth will party […]

Goodbye, 2013

Goodbye now 2013 – of diving at live volcano, of diving at wreck, of diving at live-on-board, of completing ERF & rescue, of organizing various events, of running my 1st & 2nd marathon, of reading Steven Erikson, of meeting new friends, of cementing friendships over beer & gym & holiday trips, of acquiring a huge […]

Bits & Pieces

You eloped without a trace unnoticed, by me but recently, recently, I felt you crawling back iota by iota bits & pieces of me

Being Thirtysomething

Couple weeks ago while I’m at #TheGastroProject… or #ChulosCafe… (seriously can’t remember – part of ), I asked my friend why are there no popular female bloggers who are more ‘matured’ – as in like not in their 20s? He told me since I already have a personal blog, I should move my fat arse […]

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