I wanna be back to the places I traveled, where there are no expectations and everyday I woke up is an excitement for the day to unfold however it may be.


You said you care about me You said you want me to be happy You said you’d do whatever to make me happy And when I told you what makes me happy – commitment You told me you cannot do it Because you are afraid that you will eventually hurt me So are you not […]




If you run your fingers along my neck and my shoulder, you’ll hit a brick wall. Tension so tight, I can feel it throbbing. It’s like an overwrought piece of spring, Bound to break any moment. Or maybe it’s just my heart that is breaking.


It was apocalypse. Impending doom. We knew a huge tsunami was coming, and the wind was cutting. I stood inside the control room at top deck screaming my lungs out to Andy, to get his permission to let a monk and his minder through the door. Andy disappeared – that bastard. I started shouted for Darren […]


So imagine there’s this girl with bangs, and wide, spacey eyes. What do you call her? A BANG GIRL. Not sure why it was hilarious, but I laughed myself awake this morning with this dream. #smirk


You have family. You have friends. You have close friends. You have romantic relationships. You have children. You have colleagues bosses whatever. But sometimes, or maybe all the time, after all the chatting sessions you still feel that you are totally alone and nobody understands you. But do you know why? It’s really down to one simple point […]


I was sprawling on the bed listening to my boyfriend speaking as he stood beside the hotel bedroom wall, when suddenly the room went dark and an ominous, blacker than night creature appeared right before my face and triumphly announced his name. My eyes bulged and I tried to untangle myself from my sprawling position […]


Nothing makes you think about your own life more when your birthday is approaching. What have I done with my life so far? Am I getting wiser? Did I spend my time wisely? Am I doing well in my career? Is my relationship going strong? Why am I not married with kids yet? Am I […]

Vanilla VS Chocolate

I have meant to write earlier, it’s just that I have been caught up with small and little and many and much more business. You know what I mean. The changes are imperceptible. Subtle, even. Thus when they caught up on me it’s already too late. Like I now like vanilla more than chocolate.

McDreamy 2

After precisely one year and three months, I finally dreamed about you again, Mr McDreamy. We were in the midst of planning our wedding, and were very much in love. When you hugged me, I had the same feeling of warmth and permeates my whole being – so much so that I can feel my […]


那天,遇见了你。 之前还在想,不会那么巧吧。 一回头就看见你,一颗心好像要从胸口里跳出来,脸热热的。 总觉得,很多事情需要在之前发生,我们才能那么凑巧的在那个地点那个时间那个日期偶遇。 你生活还好吧?身体无恙?父母安康? 这些,也只能够从寒暄中带过算了。 那天去了她的演唱会听了这首歌,就想到了你。 这首歌,就送你吧。 祝你幸福。

My First Energy Healing and Learning

There are many changes in my life recently and I’ve been feeling that something is not aligned within me. So several weeks ago, I thought about my friend Sherwin and immediately texted him to ask for a session and so there I was, at his place, for my first ever energy healing. I’m not going […]


During my nap today I dreamt about you. We were holidaying at a nature/scenic place surrounded by water. We were walking when you suddenly hold my hands. I let you hold my hands till we reached a corner, where you turn me around to kiss me. Even to kiss me you are hesitant. And I’m […]

Of Bulgari, wedding and love

A whole bunch of us were attending a wedding of someone really rich and famous, and were given a house in a big arse compound to stay over. To reach the wedding ceremony place, we have to walk downhill from the house. I remember discovering a turn table-ish device with 4 sides on the floor […]

The Disease Queen

My dream today is a little different. I’m at this house with a man who married a witch that spreads diseases. They have a daughter, who is the sole reason I go house visit. The dad is constantly laboring hard, fixing the house, attending to the sick animals, taking care of the wife and daughter. […]


There is a whole new world in my mouth. Inside my mouth, there is a bubble of different dimension, and inside the bubble there is a rock. On top of the rock, there is bright blue color nudi. And the nudi is swaying together with the current. I kept opening my mouth and pointing at […]


The urge is strong. Must resist this urge until a better one comes along. And I shall wait patiently, like all good scorpio.

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