On a rainy day, to cuddle and watch soaps with a hot chocolate.

On a hot day, to get ice cream and laugh at the mess we made.

On a sunny day, to hold hands and go for a nice walk in the park.

On a gloomy day, to reminisce of the better parts of our lives and make each other smile.

On any random day, to do little surprises or things that make your love happy.

To be there for each other thin and thick, to stick with each other even if the going gets tough, to give a listening ear, to argue and debate, to cuddle and make love, to care and be cared for, to stand up for each other, to make each other laugh, to be understood even better than oneself.

To love and be loved freely and wholeheartedly.

To my love and my partner, I’m waiting here for you to make yours and my life in this world a much colorful and happy one.

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