You have family. You have friends. You have close friends. You have romantic relationships. You have children. You have colleagues bosses whatever. But sometimes, or maybe all the time, after all the chatting sessions you still feel that you are totally alone and nobody understands you.

But do you know why?

It’s really down to one simple point – VALIDATION. Validation of your emotions, validation of your thoughts, validation of your current status.

All you need is for someone to LISTEN, and then ACKNOWLEDGE what you are going through – the emotions, the thoughts, the whatever. Did you ask for opinions? No. Did you want solutions? No. Most importantly, did you need to them to tell you how YOU should feel? Abso-fucking-lutely NO.

Validation is one of the most underrated qualities that you can have in order to make people feel connected, heard and understood. And it’s fucking simple to do – just nod your head, say something along the line of “Yes I can see why you feel that way.”, make affirmative empathetic voices, restrain yourself for telling people what to feel or what to do or what to say, and you are half way there.

TRY IT. You’ll make your immediate world a lot fucking better place, I swear it.

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