I was sprawling on the bed listening to my boyfriend speaking as he stood beside the hotel bedroom wall, when suddenly the room went dark and an ominous, blacker than night creature appeared right before my face and triumphly announced his name. My eyes bulged and I tried to untangle myself from my sprawling position but found that I could neither move nor speak. There was no sight of my boyfriend. I tried to scream again and again but nothing came out. I tried to free myself again and again but I can’t move an inch of my body. I got fed up and in my head, I screamed at the dark figure and told him that I WOULD free myself and I WOULD scream and when I can move I’d make sure I choked him to death!

And then I woke up and I chuckled in the middle of the night.

Sometimes, you have to give it to my dreams to remind me what my subconscious’ attitude is to tackle my current worries in such an exquisitely realistic scenario.

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