McDreamy 2

After precisely one year and three months, I finally dreamed about you again, Mr McDreamy. We were in the midst of planning our wedding, and were very much in love. When you hugged me, I had the same feeling of warmth and permeates my whole being – so much so that I can feel my body warming up. I felt secure in your arms, literally.

Then we were at this warehouse choosing some items, and this friend of mine who was beside me turned and forcibly kissed on my lips. I was shocked and livid. This dude told me he wanted me to know that he has always love me and wanted to be with me. Ok, but to kiss me in front of you? You did not intervene, thinking that was one of my indiscretion. You left me to deal with the situation alone. I cried, but you were so far away already.

Is this to be a premonition of how my future love life will be? I haven’t found you, but I have found the feelings which I’m supposed to feel when I’m together with you. I reject this scenario, and I will be damned if the Cupid demands back his arrow.

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