My First Energy Healing and Learning

There are many changes in my life recently and I’ve been feeling that something is not aligned within me. So several weeks ago, I thought about my friend Sherwin and immediately texted him to ask for a session and so there I was, at his place, for my first ever energy healing. I’m not going to go through the session, as you’ll know when you go through it, and I’m going to share what I’ve learned today so it only serves as a reminder and deepen my own learning, it gives you an idea of how much you can learn with just one session with Sherwin. 🙂

Right at the beginning when Sherwin asked me what brought me here and I told him about the misalignment, he straightaway told me what was not aligned – my mind and my heart. My heart is telling me that this is the right path that I should pursue, and my mind is being logical and practical and told me to hold back, hold back. This is what have been troubling me.

Sherwin then let me picked 3 cards. My first card was ‘The Cat’ – it’s about being independent and setting my own healthy boundaries. Bingo! This is exactly what I’ve been doing this whole year. The next card I chose was [blank], [blank]. The third card was ‘The Bard’, which is about storytelling. Not those that I tell people or people tell me, it’s the story that I tell myself.

I also learned about my past 3 lives and the take-away I got from them, some of which were chaining me to those beliefs and made me unable to move forward. My first past live that manifested was a Spanish ship merchant who was well-to-do and had a wife and kids. Unfortunately, my wife and kids got kidnapped and when I paid my ransom, the kidnappers killed them anyway. My take-away? ‘What good is money if it can’t even saved my loved ones?’

My 2nd past life that popped up was a magistrate in Rome. I was in a sitting and debating about politics when I took up my wine goblet and drank, then realized too late that it was poisoned. My take away? ‘Why fight for my ideals when all it got was got me killed?’

The 3rd past life was an interesting one. I was the high priestess of the Goddess Hestia, and it was my duty to tend to the eternal flame – a big cauldron of fire at the centre of the temple with columns multiple floors tall. Kings and generals came to ask for my advice and blessings. I could look into the fire to predict about outcome; or to see into the future. This life didn’t have a negative connotation – it’s a positive one.

So these are what I’m believing now:
1) That abundance is joy and that I deserve abundance
2) That I allow myself to live my life to my fullest potential
3) That as I said it, my words will manifest.

Other things that Sherwin shared with me:
– that this year is my self-reflecting and awareness year – I need to be aware of who I am, what I want to do, and do where my passion lies. Lots of self exploring.
– next year will be my hermit year – I need those time to plan.
– after that, it will be my money making year! Woohoo! the faster I plan, the faster the money will come.

I also know that in from 2012 to 2022, I will meet many many new & interesting people who will be a mirror to myself, especially my own fears. I need to face my own fears and reflect about myself.

Above all, don’t think too much, just act. It will grow organically. *heart*

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