Of Bulgari, wedding and love

30something / Dreams

A whole bunch of us were attending a wedding of someone really rich and famous, and were given a house in a big arse compound to stay over. To reach the wedding ceremony place, we have to walk downhill from the house.

I remember discovering a turn table-ish device with 4 sides on the floor displaying Bulgari jewelleries. Omg some of them are high jewelleries! I squealed with delight and rushed over to examine all these precious and pretty stones.

After the wedding dinner, which we were given a far far away seat but has the best view of the whole thing, we went back to the house. I was still very excited about the Bulgari discovery and I grabbed this dude to show him. When we were inside the room, after I showed him, he suddenly turned around and with tears in his eyes he asked me, “I like you very much and I was doing my best to please you. Will we be happy together?” I was stunned and then I woke up.

Weird dreams.

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