The Disease Queen

30something / Dreams

My dream today is a little different.

I’m at this house with a man who married a witch that spreads diseases. They have a daughter, who is the sole reason I go house visit.

The dad is constantly laboring hard, fixing the house, attending to the sick animals, taking care of the wife and daughter. And he has no idea why the animals kept falling sick. The mum is normally in lumbur. The time when she’s awake and walking about is when everything she touches fell ill. Strangely, I noted that her husband and daughter never gotten ill.

I have the fortune (or misfortune) to witness her being awake. She walks about in a daze, touching this and that, and of course one by one their conditions worsen. I realise that she didn’t realize that she is the disease queen, and thought she is spreading love instead. My last memory of her is when she walks into a shed out at the garden, with the horses and cows braying pitifully at the background.

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