Ex mum

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I was walking down a long flight of stairs somewhere when I bumped into my ex’s mum, whom I had a child with her son and somehow didn’t manage to stick together.

We greeted each other and I hold her hands to assist her walking down the stairs and we chatted amicably. We didn’t bring up the subject of my child. As we near the bottom of the stairs, she surreptitiously pointed and I saw my ex, standing tall in a white suit and was staring straight at me with an intense look of mixed emotions. I remembered I was wearing something elegant, luckily. Suddenly she sat down and I was kneeling down asking her how she was. She gave me a wink and then we stood up, reached the bottom of the stairs and turned left, avoiding him. I remembered feeling exhilarated as I managed to squeezed thru a narrow gap. He looks like zhang jie.

Weird dream.

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