Killing Spree

30something / Dreams

I had nightmare yesterday. Terrible nightmare.

I dreamt of my dad, my brothers, and somehow I had some sisters. I dreamt of my dad killing random people. I dreamt of other people randomly killing people. I dreamt of a house filled with murder. I dreamt of when I threw punches (literally) with my sisters, somehow someone else’s head or arm or feet or torso in other places got chopped off. I dreamt of walls of slickening blood. I dreamt of piercing sounds of anguish screams and sick thudding sounds. I dreamt of the violent movements of people in death throes.

Know that I dream vividly.

Thus even in my dream, I was aghast, devastated, appalled, as well as completely shocked by the sheer brutality and wantonness of the killing spree. I was but just an observer through this whole shocking dream.

No more such nightmares please.


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