Movie Review: Jobs 2013


I went to watch “Jobs” the movie without a clue that it is the biographical drama film based on the life of Steve Jobs. I heard about Ashton Kutcher taking the role of Steve Jobs some time ago, and that’s about it, I didn’t know it was named “Jobs”. *duh*

If you don’t already know, this movie “Jobs” is about the life story of Steve Jobs’ ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

PS: Thanks GameloftAmanzTM and TGV for the invite and the movie!

The movie itself did nothing to me. I’d rate it a poor 3/10 and I could see that Ashton Kutcher was trying his best to portray the idolized icon of the 21st century – Steve Jobs. Ashton tried to walk like Steve, smile like Steve, talk like Steve, wear glasses like Steve, maybe even throw in a prosthetic nose to look more like Steve. Give him a little credit, he does look like the slightly better looking version of Jobs (don’t kill me now Apple Fanboys).

Poor Ashton. Really, it’s not your fault.

The downfall of this film is not Ashton Kutcher, is the Director Joshua Michael Stern and whoever that are responsible for editing this film! I think it tried to give us a grand sweep of the life of Steve, and instead landed flat. And very choppy. You’d probably fare better if you’ve read his biography “Steve Jobs” but if you haven’t, you’d be as frustrated as me. The entire movie jumped from one scene to another without any proper indications or explanations.

Let me just take 2 scenes for example:
1) When Jobs/Ashton got kicked out of Apple and created ‘Next’. I have no idea what is ‘Next’, and the only scene I saw is that he’s trying to showcase ‘Next’ in the expo. No explanation whatsoever. What/who/how/ is ‘Next’? Am I supposed to Safari on my iPhone in the cinema to know what is this ‘Next’ that Jobs created?

2) When Jobs/Ashton told his wife/girlfriend/status-unclear-female-friend in his backyard, that the Apple big boys were coming to find him to have a little chat. Who is the lady, I’m sorry? How did they patch up again? Did he got the custody of his daughter or what? What happened there?

Steve’s life is too complicated and exciting to be condensed in a 2-hours movie. Thus while I get that capitalization on the death of Steve Jobs is inevitable, please do not produce such a lacklustre film to portray one of the world’s best and famous entrepreneur. Shame on you.

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