Of buying a bed


I have a recurring dream of going to the different levels of departmental store trying to purchase a… bed? I remember the layout of the departmental store (somewhat). I remember going to the initial section of the departmental store at 2F and meet the friendly sales couple (they were middle aged uncle & aunty) and then made a detour and got lost and ended up at 4F – the gym section where many dark skin men were working out (!!!). I remember trying to get back to 2F by staircase but 3F is total darkness. I remember the happy feeling when I somehow manage to get back to 2F to the nice aunty & uncle and manage to buy my bed.

I say recurring, because I remember dreaming about it twice.

Now here’s the cheeky part: according to Dream Dictionary, to dream of shopping for a bed, or buying a bed, represents your longing to find happiness in a love relationship. Hmm…. 



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