Day 3 of Eating Healthier

Food & Drinks

I learned couple weeks ago from a renown nutritionist, that she never understand why people termed losing weight as “dieting”. In her industry, “diet” means the food one consumes, so naturally, “dieting” is equal to “EATING”. Interesting, right?

Yep ladies and gentlemen, dieting aka losing weight, is about the science of eating right. I guess you would have known this too, heck I think everyone knows this. I can’t speak for other people, but as for myself, I find myself constantly subconsciously trying to curb my eating pattern or type of food consumed or, this is worst of them all – Not Eating. Contradict to common sense? I know. But it’s a fast track way to see your KGs melt down if you wanted a quick fix (I didn’t say it’s healthy). 

Now I bought many bottles of Herbalife some months back, and have been wanting to start on the replace-2-meals-a-day-routine ever since. I think I started gym about 2 months back too (see, at least something happened), but this routine didn’t happened right up until 2 days ago. Why? I guess I’m not ready for it mentally and emotionally.


After many, many years of experience in dieting, you’ve gotta trust me when I said it’s all about your readiness in starting a routine/program. If you’re not ready and pump up and psyche yourself up to start changing the way you eat or exercise etc, chances are t
hat your diet is going to fail miserably in less than 2 weeks time. You’re gonna want that piece of cake, or that sugary cup of fizzy drinks, or the scandalously high calorie carbohydrate meal. Plus you won’t have the mental fortitude to opt for hitting the gym instead of a Happy Hour session #truestory. So, only start the diet when you are ready.

Instead of dieting, I prefer to think of this program as my need to eat healthier.

Recently I also find that if I don’t deprive myself of my cravings, the act of eating healthier seems easier. This is my 3rd day. So far, I’m sticking to a routine of replacing my breakfast & lunch with Herbalife, and am worry-free to have a good dinner with family and friends. I love carbo but I try to take very little quantities of it simple because my stomach cannot digest them properly nowadays. Very sad. Anyway, the thought of being able to have a good dinner somehow make my Herbalife breakfast & lunch seem tastier and easier to swallow, and the dinner especially awesome. 😀

I think I dropped 1 kg so far… Any tips for me?

A little tip – I find that using a blender for your Herbalife and water makes the drink smoother and better to drink .


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