The Peter Pan Generation

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No career plan. No mortgage. No marriage. No children. No savings plan. No retirement plans. Sounds like you?

Well then, welcome to the Peter Pan Generation! MY generation. I admit that the article by Marianne Power – Generation who refused to grow up – accurately described some of my friends and certainly me.

At my age of 31, I’m still fumbling through life, I’m still asking the big question “What is my passion?”, I’m still looking for that career break, I’m still steadily drinking 4 nights in a week, and the words ‘marriage’ and ‘children’ when combined still send shivers down my spine. When my mum was my age, I was already 7 years old with 2 younger brothers. I see my friends with kids and I don’t think “awwww”, I think “no time to dive, drink and play anymore!”. I still want my carefree life the way it is now – carefree, or one can argue that it should be considered responsibilities free (and hopefully somehow I can managed to be financially free too).

Why are we like this? You ask. Oh, I believe we are the fruit of all the circumstances – the economy, the society, our parents, etc. I’d like to think that we are the generation who are lucky enough to be able to really appreciate the ‘fun’ part of life way much more than our parents. See the thing is, ‘fun’ does not gel with ‘responsibilities’ at all. Perhaps that’s why we settle down much later than the previous generations – we still want to play!!!

But let me lend you in a secret, lately my body and my head have been sparring and I think they have more reconciliation to do. I CAN see the signs of me getting… older. I stop clubbing/partying and will only go if there’s a special event or being forced by friends. I’d rather sit in a friendly neighbourhood pub and drink my future (!) away. Random guys stop chatting me up and buying me drinks (this is arguably the saddest part).  My Facebook is full with pictures of other people’s wedding pictures and other people’s baby pictures… or food pictures. I start going to gym (!!!) and try to eat healthier.

Does this mean that I’m starting to get worry about my future, my savings, my retirement plan, and maybe will start thinking of concrete steps to work things out instead of just fantasizing? Well… Perhaps, after the TGIFdrinks I promised I’ll do it. 🙂



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