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I have been seeing the advertisements for Hannibal from the recent weeks’ “The Voice” till I could memorized some of the words. Although this is way too much ads, I must admit they also served to pique my interest. So I found myself faithfully sitting in front of the TV watching the first episode of HannibalAPERITIF” earlier this week.


Well I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Hannibal (no? where on earth have you been dude?), so I’m not here to talk about the characters, cast, and episodes blah blah. You can get all these in AXN’s website – they did a freaking good job at it. One thing though, I must admit Mads Mikkelsen is freakishly good and apt as Hannibal Lecture he actually freaked me out a little.


Now, I want to talk about The Hannibal second screen app experience. Call me a noob, but this is the first time I’ve seen, heard and actually used an app in conjunction with a TV series (do they have this for Game of Thrones series #ASOIAF? Hmm….). Personally, I find the integrated promotion of website, TV advertisements and mobile apps for the Hannibal AXN series to be absolutely delightful and it greatly enhances my user-experience…. If the term “user experience” can be used on a TV series?

So what are the cool features you can expect from the Hannibal App?

1. Unique “SYNC NOW” function. When clicked, this function tracks the show’s sounds and will popped up relevant infographics along the show. Note: It can be distracting.

2. Interactive Social Media function.  You can see Twitter posts generated by users popping up in the app after you click the sync now function. Haven’t log in to try posting Tweets yet though.

*1 & 2 is only feasible when the episode is screening. Otherwise they don’t work.

photo 1


3. Reminder for the next episode (see the alarm clock beside the time there?). I’ve set it and see if it will remind me 10 minutes (default settings) before the show starts next Monday. and if it’s the correct timing for Malaysia AXN. 😀

photo 2


4. Character Tracker by episodes. Quite cool but essentially brings you back to the same description of some star casts. photo


5. And the rest are really just the usual information that you get – videos, about the show, casts… etc 

photo 3


The Hannibal App is already a great app. However, I do think that if they could incorporate some tiny changes it will be an even awesome-r app!

a) Should incorporate the past episodes’ trailers in another tab. It’s inevitable that people will missed out some episodes. What better way to remind them of what they missed by maintainig the trailers in the app. 

b) We should be able to manually set the reminder timing. Us Malaysians need to set about 1 hour to reach home due to traffic jam and weather conditions etc etc.

c) The ‘hide twitter’ button should be more obvious. I spent a good minute trying to figure out how to hide them. Then again, I’m a noob.

d) Playing videos in the app during the show is not really the smartest thing to do. People get distracted and annoyed. Remember – the focus IS the show. The app is just a complementary gadget.

e) Yes, by now we alllllll know that Samsung is the Titanium sponsor. Just make the ads smaller or hide-able, will ya?

Oh and 1 more tip – the app is much better if viewed on iPad than iPhone – too small a screen size.

Before I closed off this post, check out Hannibal’s meal preparation:


Hope you have as much as me checking out the app and watching the show! 😀







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