How to fix your low Skype sound on Windows 7

Geek Chick / PaganChee

For months I have been struggling with low Skype voice / sound / volume when people messaged me. Note that this is not the same as the volume for Skype call, which one can easily tune. I tried adjusting from the volume icon – it didn’t work. I tried adjusting from the control panel – it didn’t work either. I tried Googling it and the advice from the net – none of it worked either!

But I did gain knowledge in adjusting the volume of the “audio setting” in Skype’s Options. So I tweaked the speakers volume a little and twiddled my thumb to see if it worked… Ta dang!!! It worked like a charm!!! Give it a try and tell me if it worked for you too!

Skype/Tools/Options/Audio Settings/Speakers/Volume
(make it as loud as possible so you’ll know for sure it’s working! :))


skype voice too low

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