2013 New Year Resolutions

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Finally – the Maya nonsense is over and done with, and the world gets to enjoy a whole new Millennia ahead of it without any more of the Armageddon-type failed prophecies! (hmm… or are there any more?!)

So with every new year comes New Year Resolutions. Whether or not they are being fulfilled are not important, as I believe making New Year Resolutions implied the one is having the thoughts and looking forward to a better life and a better year.

I have one last year, that is to enjoy my 2012. Well, I did go slightly overboard on diving/vacation trips which resulted in a very flat purse and blank bank account.. And somehow somewhere along the line manage to get myself a nice and sweet man. hohoho~ ^^

So this year, I’d like to have simpler but more serious resolutions (2012 really its just too easy):
1) Do something that I am passionate about and get rewarded for it
2) Eat only nice food (If it’s not nice, I reserved the right to spit it right out!)
3) Do light exercise every week (luckily this is like, the 3rd day of the new year only, or I’m going to fail!)

So, what’s your new year resolutions?


Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013


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