Rockmelt VS Chrome

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I started looking into an alternative for Google Chrome because it started to… what’s the correct word to use here?… Failed, maybe…? In any case, it has became very laggy and my just simply refused to function. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Chrome. But this pissed me off to no end ‘cos as a self-proclaimed internet connection addict, this just would NOT do (It’s OK if nobody talks to me on chat, but I HAVE to be connected. Get it?).

So, after several trials and errors, I’ve finally decided on Rockmelt. See, I’m also kind of addicted to social media thus the combo of Facebook AND Chrome seems to be a godsend to me!

Not to say there isn’t room for improvement. First, I used and hootsuite on both my laptop and iPhone. Combined with RockMelt? It’s a cacophony of social media updates / notifications that will sooner than later drove me crazy. Sorry, I have to disable you first as I have not the time to figure out how to disable features in RockMelt.

Just to share with you my thoughts on other browsers, and in order of preferences:

1) Google Chrome – Would still be my first love if I ever get it to work again. Fast and so user friendly!

2) RockMelt – A combo of Chrome and Firefox, with a healthy dose of Facebook and social media apps.

3) Mozilla Firefox – Used to use this, and honestly not a bad substitute for Chrome. However, I find it slow compared to

4) Internet Explorer – I have this on my laptop, but who uses it nowadays?

5) Quora – Well, if I can ever get it to install maybe I’ll try it.

Are you using any other alternative browsers? Share with me! 🙂

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