Quick Test of Google Drive

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I’ve just “signed up” for the new Google Drive! Google claims that they can now help to combine and sync your work, life and play together via 1 simple step – Google Drive. http://ow.ly/aUwab

Naturally, all things efficient and effective excite and arouse me. As in… arouse my interest… (What were you thinking?)

So I watched the video (http://ow.ly/aUwab) and downloaded Google Drive on my laptop and at the same time, tried out the Google Drive platform and its functions. I’ve tried the Documents, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, Drawing but not the Table (beta). The Table is a little bit too difficult for me to chew at the moment (my brain cells decided to go strike to BERSIH-kan themselves).

Anyway, the pros
1) First is of course the ability to access all types of files anywhere anytime! Ohh! This is exciting!!! You are able to download a shortcut folder onto your PC for easy access and synchronization too!
2) every function is generally easy to use. If you have the basic knowledge of MS Office, you would not have a problem using it.
3) The “Form” is really awesome! and easy to use too!
4) The “Spreadsheet” has really really cute gadgets!!! You should go try it out!
5) Didn’t try out the shared document functions but I suspect it should work the same as the previous Google Docs.

The cons
1) I cannot printscreen (PrtSc) and directly paste the image into any Google Doc. It’s annoying…
2) There are no functions available for images except re-sizing. So for every picture you want to upload you’ll have to first make sure it’s exactly how you want it to be.
3) I can’t embed the powerpoint directly on wordpress. Somebody, PLEASE work on it. Kinda defeat the whole connectivity and synchronizing pitch if I cannot directly and easily link my online file to my online site.

Y U NO WORK??? Sigh…

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Or you can try to view the test powerpoint slides via Google Drive here (not sure if it’ll work)
Quick Test of Google Drive


  1. Georelys says:

    I’m not really pro- or anti-Klout yet, I keep an eye on it to see where it’s going.. However I don’t think you can dicrsedit it because “it’s a tool for selling perks” What do you think Facebook does? LinkedIn? Even Twitter is starting to use us all to make some bucks from advertisers.It’s like that saying goes “If you’re not paying for a service, chances are YOU are the product”So using our “influence” (because I don’t really believe that’s what Klout measure) to gain advertisers for perks doesn’t bother me so much. But oversimplifying a concept like influence and packaging it up in an arbitrary score sort of does.

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