Diving and iPhone

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I was innocently chillin’ at a dive centre with shore dive front (something like Sipadan Water Village… if you’ve been there), where suddenly I dropped my iPhone into the sea!!!

Here’s something you need to know about me – My phone is my life.

I am lost without my phone. I lost my iPhone couple weeks earlier and I was too upset to even talk. I was driven to the point that I actually wrote an eulogy to mourn for my phone. I felt totally disconnected and disassociated from the world without my phone. I am digressing here… but you get the picture of how attached I am to my phone and how I ought to feel when I saw my phone dropped in the sea… AGAIN!!!  I can’t be losing my phone again so soon!!!

Naturally I freaked out and screamed for help. My fuchsia-plastic-covered white iPhone 4 twinkled under the blue sea and my heart constricted.  So poor thing! A local dude tried to help me retrieve it by free diving. He failed. Then another dude suited up and dived in and got my phone up for me.

I was grateful when I got my iPhone back, but I’m pretty sure it’s beyond repair already. So imagine my happiness when my phone is actually still working perfectly!!!

My mind is sending me a message subconsciously and I knew when I woke up, there is nothing else I can do except to….

….purchase this. For the peace of my mind. No pun intended.

The TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case

Read the review here: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/03/tat7s-iphone-scuba-case-lets-you-take-photos-underwater/

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