Confuzzled Dream

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I had a nap and I dreamt about you… Doing all sorts of inappropriate stuff.

Then I dreamt about being caught in the boat with you and got dreched in huge body of water.

Then I dreamt about having dinner with you. Across the table, there was this Japanese looking dude who smiled at me broadly and introduced himself as Mao and asked me if I remembered him. I squinted at him and then was instantly startled: “Are you not the same guy who was in my dream yesterday?!?!”.

He beamed.

I freaked.

Confuzzled, confuzzled dream.


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    Hi! Thks for the compliment. I use the template from Shaken & Stirred and I’ve been a fan since, give it a try! 🙂

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    If you could email me with a few pointers about how you made your blog look this good , Id be appreciative!

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