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I recently came across this video by’s CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. In case you did not already know, is the world’s number one internet domain name company that is valued at approximately USD 2 billion.

I totally admire Bob Parsons or any entrepreneur that makes it big – I mean, that’s got to be something that they are doing right, right? Plus I think it is only natural that after having the cash the next thing they want is fame. But elephant killing, seriously?

The video is old news, I know. Even uglier scene, you will know that too if you watch the video.

From the video, it is clear that Parsons think he is doing the world a favor by killing the elephants since they were destroying the crops and therefore the elephants were the culprit in the growing hunger in Zimbabwe. Therefore, one dead elephant = meat for everyone = no more starvation = got crops for everyone.

Maybe Bob Parsons have not heard about the legend that elephants do not forget their grudge.

But really, how can anyone be so stupid to think that killing elephants is the solution? The carcass may feed the villagers for a couple of days, yes, and the crops may grow relatively well for a couple of months, yes, but what is the REAL reason for them facing starvation and everything?

Did the humans even pause for a second to consider that THEY are the culprits who invaded the elephants’ natural habitat and therefore created starvation issues for the elephant?

The real reason? There are simply too many human beings in this world.

And the actual solution? BREED LESS. Yes, you, human – breed less.

With lesser people comes lesser social and economy problems. With lesser people this world may actually be a better place. I am a staunch believer of this idea after I read SuperFreakonomics. Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, you guys are awesome!

So people, if you can help it – don’t stop fornicating but just breed less!

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  1. Richard says:

    This is indeed a problem that we are facing. Anyways great writeup. Your site looks good

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