Man Eating Kitten


So there was this time when I was in a rectangular shaped zoo, on which the main attractions are the lion and the aquariums. The fish tanks are located at the back of the zoo; whereas the lion den is smacked right in the centre of the zoo. Nobody can bypass the lion dens if they want to go to the aquarium.

So how I found myself shivering just right at the edge of the lion den I do not know. All I know was that there’s a 2-storey tall DOLL KITTEN – something like hello kitten with brown skin and whiskers and razor sharp teeth – in the lion den. Its almost always sleeping, and only when some stupid people who strolled across its lair will be slashed right half and ripped into pieces! A DOLL KITTEN WHO KILLS!!!! OMG!!!!!!

I was SOOOO scared and I need to get to the aquarium (do not ask me why). And I have no idea how. I saw 2 poor kids being killed right in front of my eyes and the kitten promptly went back to sleep in its den with fresh blood on its teeth.

Yet the zoo wardens did not do anything.
Yet the people still come in throes to visit the zoo.
Yet nobody was even fazed by the killings and the weird sight of this huge weird man-eating abomination.

After long hours (or minutes) of observation, I found out that the doll kitten will not attack any moving vehicles, just moving persons. So that is why the zoos were ferrying people in buses, which moved happily across the death trap without so much as a glance from the doll kitten. And if you walked in threes the killing hello kitty will not attack you either.

Once I found out about this solution, I woke up.

It was really a !)#&%)!@*#!^@)%*!@)#!@# dream…. No meaning to it at all. Except maybe my subconscious is using my natural abhorrence to hello kitty as revenge… to what end???

Weird, weird dreams.

Anyway, nowadays I really really like the flat-face persian cat… After effect of the dream maybe?

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