too many social networking site?


Today I’ve come to realize that perhaps I have too many social networking sites, on top of it professional sites, and then I am always on the outlook to find a good site that can connect to ALL of them.  And then I have to find social media tools that can connect them to my websites and profiles, then I have to interlink all of them.

It’s a long, tiring process.

Now that I have an iphone4, I am trying to find the best social media apps to connect all these dots.

Web-Based Social Media Apps and all Associated Apps
1. Facebook (who doesn’t in Malaysia)
2. Twitter (I have 2 accounts summore: 1 for Personal; another for my site
3. LinkedIn
4. Digg
5. StumbleUpon
6. BranchOut
7. Flickr
8. Google Picasa
9. Skype
10. Gchat
11. Facebook Chat
12. MSN
13. Yahoo (but I do not use it anymore)
14. Facebook Fan Page

Best Apps to keep your mind in one-piece with all the SMs: Yoono. It’s really very awesome!

Best app to chat all?

I’m currently trying out TweetDeck on my iphone4 but maybe it’s really just not for me… too hard to understand…?

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