Stupidity of Management


It amazes me sometimes on the stupidity of human beings, especially those at the upper echelon.

Like I said to my friends, if you are an entry-level executive today, I will treat you very nicely because my expectations of you are very low, and doing the wrong things are a necessary evil for you to learn.

Now if you are in the middle management, I will expect more from you, at least a modicum display of intelligence and knowledge to the post and division which you are leading. To know that you don’t have a basic understanding of the products or services which you are supposed to sell or promote; to know that you don’t know the first thing about the thing you are doing; to know that you will push your underlings to take up the heat when things go awry in a heartbeat; to know that you too, will shift the blame to any of your colleagues for any mistakes;to know that you put priority in creating disharmony instead of working on what you are supposed to achieve; all contributes to my lowly opinion of you.

So now you are in the top management, and my expectations of you becomes really great. I mean, you are on the top, aren’t you? I am looking to you to give me visions, directions, dispense advise and actively solve pending and difficult issues. I expect you to synergize the sales process and reduce redundancy of roles and harmonize the company’s atmosphere and motivate us and strengthen our believe in this company. I expect you to sieve the self-serving-blabber-mouth-witches from the quietly-suffering-hardworking-pheasants. If you didn’t achieve these, well then, you do not deserve my respect.

The “Secret Art of Common Sense” is a potent elixir that everyone requires on a daily basis.

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