Stop Patronizing ME!

Life / PaganChee

Yes, I know I’m no saint.

Yes, I know I’m not perfect.

Yes, I know some advise will do me good.

But I really just can’t take ‘advise’ or ‘lecture’ from people when they a) do not understand the situation; b) do not know me well; c) know perfectly well that that’s not under my job scope yet keep asking me for updates; d) do not even do their own job well; e) have never bother to reflect on themselves; and f) keep bugging me for personal stuff when I’m at work.

S-T-O-P patronizing me! I know what I’m doing and if I don’t know what I’m doing, there is no point of you telling me what I do not know now because it is too damn late. As food for thought, why don’t you just bloody do your thing without interfering with mine?

Congratulations, now that you’ve successfully put me in a DAMN. BAD. MOOD.

Piss off mann.

***Definition of “patronize” – Treat as inferior unduly, talk down to, treat condescendingly.

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