Kota Kinabalu Trip – Day 2


They say early bird gets the worm. For us, it is a nightmare getting up so early in the morning. Well, at least I have not been waking up so early for work even.

After an unsatisfactory breakfast at the hotel-the food is really not great, we hopped onto the little van with Leong for another dreary 2 hours trip to visit the base of Mount Kinabalu. Now, a little friendly advice – try to drink as little water as you can during the road trip, and do visit the loo before you get into any transportation! Along the way we have to do a pit stop, and all we find in the toilet at a car service centre (don’t ask) is… a big hole. Yep. A big hole that has flooded floor outside and flies buzzing inside. You really don’t want to experience that.

We stopped by to taste the wild durian which has orange or red seeds! It is good to have a local guide cos we get the durians dirt cheap. But really… I don’t fancy having another bite of the orange ones. Gooey and a very pungent smell. Urgh. The wild banana though is extremely nice.

When we reached the base of Mount Kinabalu, there is a little view deck for unadventurous people like me to admire the gorgeous mountain without ever contemplating climbing it. Strangely, it smelled like KFC and it prompted us to buy KFC for dinner that night. The KFC in KK is AWESOME! Somehow the chicken is better here in East Malaysia. You’d be surprised to note that there are more KFC here than McD. In fact, there’s only one McD in the whole KK town. Strange, huh?

Next, we went to the Kundasang War Memorial, now maintained by the Australia Embassy (It was previously maintained by the local government but the conditions have gotten so bad that the Australia Embassy decided to take it into its own hand). It is to commemorate the 2,428 Australian and British soldiers who died during World War II from the deathly march from Sandakan to Ranau. There are only 6 survivors. From my photo album you’ll see lots and lots of beautiful flower and shrine in this garden.

Food is always on top of our mind, so we stopped by again for some local fried murtaka (Indian style bread with veges), fried bananas (did we?), some fried CHICKEN BACKSIDE (it was really… eww), and drinks before we moved on to Poring Hot Spring. Honestly, there is no need to stop by the hot springs unless you are really in need of a good hot soak. For me, I will forever remember the smell of ripe wild banana mixed with sulfuric hot spring smell because @chin chin ate banana at the private hot spring booth we all shared! Haha. Remember to shower cold water after.

Didn’t get to see the rafflesia though. It has season has takes about 18months to mature and will start deterioting in about 7 days times. Between Rafflesia and Poring Hot Spring – always take the Rafflesia please.

Now it’s back to a dinner date with NatGeo and KFC and $2 beers. Ask Leong where to get them.

For more pictures, please see my photos page.


  1. på9ån says:

    Hey Alex, you’re so lucky to be able to see the Rafflesia! Is it as smelly as they claim it is? I won’t miss the chance of seeing next time if I’m in KK next time!

  2. Alex Green says:

    Hey I saw that largest flower, Rafflesia arnoldii which was huge and around more or less 1 meter in its diameter. Then I had gone for Canopy Walk which was hypothetical to be a track walking path. Then the 2 different waterfalls. Bathe within the Japanese-fashion baths. I took a look at Butterfly Farm. Following url provides the information on “Things to see at Poring” http://www.expeditionasia.net/poring-malaysia.html

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