Love, actually

We were having a blast in a sunny island with pristine white sand beaches and lovely blue sea. It was a long deserved trip, what with both of us being so busy all these months. Then we ran into my newly acquainted friend, who was there for the opposite reason – her fiance just broke up with her recently and she’s a mess emotionally.

After introduction was done, he went with her to grab a bite while I stayed on the beach to enjoy the sun. When I woke up, it was already dark and then suddenly I heard loud cheering somewhere. What met my eyes when I reached the occasion of joy is something that is totally unforgettable – He was coming up from an underground staircase with her, both smiling and waving to the crowd who was shouting cheers of congratulations for their hot-off-the-oven engagement.

I can’t speak.

Then he saw me, and froze for a second before he walked towards me. She left without giving me a glance.

Mutely, he walked me back to our hotel room and started packing his stuff. In my head, I’m still trying to think that this is just all a joke, that no love can happen so fast, that it is IMPOSSIBLE for this to be happening to me this way, that we were planning to get married next year!

…When he abruptly stood up and said: “Well, I guess I have to break up with you.”

My bubble shattered and cut my heart into ribbons of charred flesh.

My heart stopped, and I started screaming.

It was just too painful.

…Then he looked at me with disgust and say: “Why do all you Malacca people behave like this?!”

I abruptly stopped screaming. Without another word, I stood up and left.

What left with me were my battered heart and bitter tears.

I thought I’d be OK if he ever leave me, I thought I’m not that in love with him, I thought my world will be the same with or without him…

…And I woke drenched with cold sweat and tears.


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  2. Hey admin, very informative blog post! Pleasee continue this awesome work..

  3. so what happened in denzel washington’s the book of eli? i spent the entire movie trying to figure out what caused the disaster…was it ever explained?

  4. Chris Thoo says:

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  5. You should list somewhere an about/biography of yourself so people can realize the point of view you have when you write this.

  6. folks were fighting over this over at the digital community forum. it was in the first stages to grow to be a firey conversation.

  7. Crockpot says:

    people were talking about this over at the digital forum. it was in the first stages to turn out to be a messy topic.

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