educated women drink more


In relation to a piece published by NY Daily News.

The key reasons which allegedly drove more well educated woman to drink more than their non-educated peers are mere speculations, and not validated by any statistics at all in the report. I could think of some reasons that drive me, an appropriately educated woman in her late twenties to consume alcohol, instead of the lousy reasons stated in the so-called report: 1. Because I can 2. Because I am generally unhappy at the world and society (war, famine, imbecile politicians, child sexual trades, unfathomable etc) 3. Because I am also universally disappointed at the male population (reapply the list above).

But the most important factor is because women that has higher education tends to take on more important roles in the corporate work sphere, and to quote directly from the source above: “Reasons for the positive association of education and drinking behaviours may include: a more intensive social life that encourages alcohol intake; a greater engagement into traditionally male spheres of life, a greater social acceptability of alcohol use and abuse; more exposure to alcohol use during formative years; and greater postponement of childbearing and its responsibilities among the better educated,” says the report.

Actually, women in general are abusing substance everywhere. My brother who just recently graduated from an Australia University told me that nowadays, more women smoke than men, and the age just gets younger. Click here for Australia Data SourceAnd oh yeah,please do not mingle with drinking group ‘cos you probably ended up drinking more than usual.

Will all the men please stand up?

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I say, whatever mate. CHEERS~


  1. R1 woman says:

    You have a way with words, but remember by and large, english is a tool for hiding the truth

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  2. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

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