Too much distraction, too little time


While online, I constantly find myself distracted from my original purpose – for example looking for an image for a work project, and my attention almost always got hooked to another unrelated topic and websites.

Take today for example. I just wanted to look up a picture of the giant squid in order to put an image of it in my mind while I’m reading Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol”. After booting up my computer and connecting to the net, it took me 4 hours before I get to the squid’s picture! Nothing much else gets done during these 4 hours, as you can see from my must-have-social-networking ’rounds’ below. And needless to say I didn’t manage to continue reading the book~ huh…

I think the inability to sit down quietly and focus on one thing at one time is the biggest hindrance to all city dwellers that have a phone/computer that is connected to the rest of the world. Too much info; too little time. Thus too distracted; and thus took more time to complete a single task.

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