movie review: the crazies


Ratings: 4/5

Comments: Underrated, Underpromoted but A Good Film

Directed by George A Romero (think “Dawn of The Dead”), “The Crazies” is a grim movie depicting a government conspiracy to wipe out a population to contain deadly virus, sans Zombies. Starring Will McMillan (as Firefighter David) and Lane Carroll (as David’s pregnant wife Judy), the movie is set in a normal small town in Pennyslvania who has a population of only 1,200+. A quiet, remote town that will be reduced to cinders in days nonetheless as a plane that carries a dangerous biological weapon virus crashes in their water dam and horrific virus outbreak occurs. People starts to act weird and kill each other and before long, masked army sweeps in and merrily eliminate anyone who is suspected of contacting the virus. Things got really interesting when Judy got separated with David forcefully, and David later try to get Judy back from the insulated camp.

While you heard or read about how genocides happened in not such a long time ago, you have not seen the mass of bodies piled up right in front of your eyes with buzzing flies. While you barely grasps the idea of genocide, you will find people murdering others for a bit of sport. While you know that you are small in the greater aspect of universe, this movie will show you how infinitesimal you are in the eyes of government bodies and at what great length they are willing to go to ensure that the biological-weapon-class-virus is contained and do not spread to the population. Nevermind that they are the ones who produced it at first place.

This movie will keep you rooted in your seat for most of the time and jumped when the unexpected occured. Best to watch it with a person whom you can cling to or scratch when things got scary.

*All in all, I think Director George did a great job in depicting both the degration and upholding of humanity in such circumstances, even though the whole government-conspiracy theory is not a fresh movie plot. It is very touching to watch how much David loves his wife Judy, how he fights for her, how he respects her wishes, and yet always the man in charge. If only all heterosexual men in this world are like that, there will be world peace.

**The poster did not do the film any justice. The picture is nice, yes, but the pitchfork with a trail of blood show no relevancy to the content of the film and did nothing to promote the film.


  1. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

  2. david michel says:

    people are stupid

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