What about the men who had sex with these women?

Last year, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno – a Malay Muslim lady who was caught drinking beer in a nightclub – was sentenced to six strokes of the cane by the almighty Shariah Court, a parellel legal system that applies to Muslim only.

You must have known that this sparked international interest and serious concern over human rights in Malaysia then.

Before the previous wave died down and while we are all busy celebrating the new lunar year, came another shocking news that three women were caned for participating in illicit sex. Of course this news refreshed the international concern over Malaysia, albeit for all the wrong reasons!

You can read more in: MSNNine, CNN, and now this issue even has its own page in Wikipedia.

If you are a non-Muslim female who lives in Malaysia like myself, your first reaction will be to let out a sigh of relief as you are not subjected to this inane draconian law!

Then, you will feel sorry for the fellow females who were but 1 side of a party committing this ‘SIN’. Then, you will feel OUTRAGED.

Does having sex before marriage really warrant caning? What about those THE MEN whom without them, the intercourse will not happened? Why they didn’t mete out the same punishment to these assholes? Why so bias?

And how many stroke of canes are given to thore rapists, which in Malaysia common law is the one of the few things that warrant caning? Is having illicit sex comparable to raping?

What about corruption, misuse of public funds, fanning racial hatred, murder, and all those far more sinful acts? Do they get caned? They should be caned!

And oh, by the way, gay/lesbian act is also punishable by Shariah Law. Most vividly displayed by the headline grabbing DS Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II trial case. Also, the hospital/clinic will refuse to let you do Pap Smear if you are not married. PLEASE LAH, who is still virgin nowadays after the age of 21?

It is a sad state for Malaysia women.


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  1. Mike Hunt says:

    Who cares what happens to the guy. If it was great sex, probably a cigarette and/or nap then it’s off to the races again. In this case, with another horse to ride while the previous one recuperates from the caning.

    Seriously, when the law is absurd to begin with, what do you hope to gain by expanding its scope? The law should be repealed and the butt monkeys that created/enforced/abused the law should be rewarded with the sum of the punishments they meted out over the years.

    Btw, the “asshole” could’ve been the fiance of the victims of this asinine law. How about focusing on the real problem?

  2. erin says:


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