All hail AVATAR!


I am first and foremost an avid fantasy novel reader – the medieval kind. Knights in shiny armour, magic, and beautiful leading ladies – even only in paper – makes me swooned.But nothing, nothing can compared to what James Cameron’s AVATAR. Harry Potter doesn’t even come close.

Not in my wildest dream can I imagine the other world Pandora, the Na’vi, the native creatures and even the plants to be so beautiful and colourful. And I really like how he merged the native sci-fi colourful world with current bleak human technology. It makes you feel like going to Pandora right now – nevermind they sleep in thread-bare cocoon style leaves, nevermind they don’t have air conditioning, nevermind they don’t have flush toilets, and nevermind they don’t have chinese cuisine.

In the end,  I think Jake Sully is much better being blue than white.

Well, this movie is the best sci-fi movie I’ve watched. I can watch it like 100times.

“Pandora is so immersive, its native cultures so well realized that any fantasy novelists watching will surely weep from the world-building gauntlet thrown down. Top this! – Nathaniel Rogers”

Quoted & requoted from Davie Cook from Davidson County Headlines Examiner

So what if the story line is the same as ‘Dances with The Wolf’, it is still relevant and it is still happening in this world where cross cultural marriage can caused rift between families. And the tree-cutting bastards are still cutting tree.

For more detailed review, Mali Elfman gives the best summary review.


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