An old woman snatch thief

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It was night. I was sitting in JC’s CRV’s passenger side and was happily joking with him. We were stopping at the middle lane and were waiting for the lights to turn green so we could go home.

Now on the left hand side of the tar road about 30 seconds walking distance away, there was an old auntie walking with little steps and was making funny little noises through her noses regularly “E.. E… E…”. I saw the auntie from the corner of my eyes but wasn’t paying attention.

Then I folded my hands, lowered my eyes and bent down on my knees while laughing at something JC said.

Next thing I know, my car door is opened forcefully and the auntie actually grabbed my black shiny Charles & Keith bag! JC grabbed the other side of the bag.

Then JC screamed: “What are you doing Pagan! HELP!”

But I couldn’t do anything! I couldn’t sit up, I couldn’t raised my eyes, I couldn’t even make my fingers moved!! I could only feel the tug-a-war going on in front of my forehead (remember I was bending down) and was helpless to do anything. And all this while the funny E E E sounds kept coming out from that old auntie’s mouth…

When I finally managed to lift one of my fingers using my superpower supernatural willpower, I woke up.

It was 1.37am.

And I didn’t even get to see the old auntie’s face…

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