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I dreamt that I was raped by an acquiantance – I was terrified. After that, I dreamt that I was the mistress of my current boyfriend, who was married to an unknown woman.
Now I check The Curious Dreamer and it revealed these meanings:
– Adultery: 1) You’re feeling insecure about your ability to hold their interest; Or afraid of the idea of them cheating on you; Or feeling jealous about your loved one devoting time or attention to something other than you (work, a hobby, watching TV, using the computer, etc.)—having nothing to do with any actual adultery
– Being attacked: 1) A feeling or fear of persecution, hostility, aggression, criticism, etc. from by another person or by “people in general”; 2) A situation where you feel or fear your boundaries being crossed or your integrity compromised by someone else
– Boyfriend: Dreaming about your real-life boyfriend can mean he’s on your mind for a particular reason right now. Pay attention to what’s happening in the dream for cues about your thoughts and feelings toward your boyfriend or the relationship.
– Friend: The key characteristics that the person is displaying in the dream (for example, if they are rescuing you, they may represent the idea of help or assistance, and if they are angry, they might represent the emotion of anger)
– Married: 1) Exploring the idea of what it would be like to be married; 2) Feeling the pull of commitments or responsibilities; 3) A particular relationship in your real life (friend, family, co-worker, etc.), since most relationships involve the same basic dynamics as in marriage (commitment, trust, compromise, etc.)
So… now… what’s the analysis?
PS: This is a dream that I had in 2008 August. Why I didn’t post it earlier I don’t know…


  1. Qing says:

    you know…is time!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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