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well, it has been AGES since I update my blog. Sorry bloggy dear, I promise I won’t neglect you for long from now on. Ah well… then again, you are only too aware of my ‘promises’. Just like how I promise I’m going to lose those extra kgs since 12yo, how I promise I’m going to eat more veges and less meat, how I promise I will sleep early and fag less.

Then again, usually I write when I’m pissed off. Guess life’s been good to me this year so I got nothing much to write. Haha!

So now, let me slowly update one-by-one my discovery excursions in Malaysia since I have a certified local guide – JC. Hohoho.

Let’s start with the most recent Cameron Highland trip:
1. The strawberries are overrated. ALL of them are SOUR.
2. The strawberried-everything are OVERLY SWEET.
3. The food is nothing to shout about. But steamboat in cold weather is YUMMY!
4. They have starbucks in CH now. So un-highland-ky.
5. Staring at the tea plantation while sipping tea and nibbling scones does
6. You can finish visiting the bee farm, the insect farm, the strawberry farm, the bird farm (is there one?), each and every farm in about 2 days time. And they are all within walking distance. Yes, I walked!

There’s only one reason to visit Cameron Highlands – the cold weather and the tea plantations. Try walking down the hill at the Scone place beside the highway on your way up/down Cameron Highlands, and dip your feet into the chilly chilly water in the cold cold air. SHIOKK!!

Also I must highlight that you have visit all the flower/cactus/plants nurseries because they are THE BEST excursion you can find. Just look at some of the very interesting things I chanced by!

Isn’t this flower just GORGEOUS? Doesn’t they look as if there’s little pixies flitting in and out of them? And the colour! Bright pink and fabulous purple! What a combo! And the greatest thing is the name – FUSHCIA. Haha!

And then here’s the palace for the fairy kings & queens! No idea what flower is this…

And then there’s this bigger than life Hibiscus – our national flower. They come in all sorts of colours – pink, white, yellow, purple, red and a bunch of mix and match.

And then there’s this cutesy itsy bitsy round flower with lots of petal. Of course I don’t know the name of it!

And then there’s this grape-look-alike plant. I pinched one and then some sticky juices popped outta it. Guess it’s some kind of cactus relative? Just imagine if you have a full house of this and then when you gave one bunch to your unsuspecting neighbour claiming it’s grapes… nyek nyek.

And then here come the BEST OF THE BEST plant!

Just to show you that I did not make this up…

It has little flowers on top! HOHOHOHO!!!

(5x “and then there’s…”)

Anyway… more pictures below!


  1. Qing says:

    Miss Cameron too…kept saying that i want to go..before i come..but didnt get a chance..

  2. på9ån says:

    drey babez! honestly I have no idea which way we went because I’m not the one driving! And you know how NSOD I am right haha. Miss you too! *mwah*

  3. Audrey says:

    Hhahhahahahaha…lol, that was hilarious. What were you doing at Cameron Highlands? Did you go by Tapah in Perak? Last time I went there was coz my family was back at Dad’s hometown. At least you managed to amuse yourself with the cactus. I miss you so much babe!!
    xxoo Drey

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