Does Harith Really Dunno?


Initially, I bought the tickets of Harith Iskandar “I Don’t Know” as a surprise for JC. But as days went by I was SO looking forward to this stand up comedy by the renowned Harith Iskandar. Douglas Lim, whom I have seen him on stage twice, featured the opening act. (Honestly if he’s going to sing ‘yesterday’ again I will throw anything I get my hands on at him!)

When the show started, I didn’t recognize the dude who’s wearing a moustach and red shirt and speaking in Malay. Then the ‘ceramah speech’ started – with a start I realized it was DL imitating Anwar! I particularly love his joke about the sodomy case – it was genious! I’m a loyal fan now! hoho.

After about 15-20mins the star of the show finally came out to entertain us. Harith joked about the irks and quirks of Malaysians, of Malays, of Chinese, of Indians, and we mortal went about in the usual days. The extremely funny bit was the CSI crime scene reenactment! It almost got me choked to death by my own laughter. Harith – you are THE BEST!

Harith’s jokes are very much to the heart, as JC put it, and I concur. His jokes can resonate with all Malaysians. That’s what makes him so popular, isn’t it? Good job! *clap*clap*

PS: The star metro’s phone listing for actor’s studio is wrong… it should be 03 2094 0400.

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