little girl, pythons and bus


It was a tad chilly outside on a bright day at an unfamiliar place. A little family of three was having a hay day exploring a most interesting building which combined office space with exotic animals, living in cages of course.

Then the little golden hair girl was found standing in front of a big glass enclosure trying to see the animals inside. She was standing a little too close and the glass misted over by her small breath. I gently pulled her slightly backwards but she seemed not to notice me. The glass box was once again cleared and an ape, several phytons and an alligator were found living together. I think the idea was that they learn how to live with each other amiably.

Well, we found the ape was frantically trying to untangle himself from a brownish phython; while the alligator was trashing about with a green phython lazily wrapped around him. The ‘zoo’keeper had to whack the snakes heavily in order to save these two poor kiddos.

When she turned around, she couldn’t see her parents. Unperturbed, she wandered around the building looking for more animals to gawk at.

On the other hand, her worry sick parents were questioning a guy, who sat on a stone table with his laptop and some papers in another enclosure plastered with poisonous insects, if she saw the girl. He said she went that way. Then the mother got curious and asked him why he chose to work in such a dangerous place. Because here, I can contentrate better, grunted the cheerless guy.

Several hours later, not reunited with her family, the little girl was bored and wanted to get out. She suddenly found herself on top of the double decker bus, which at the moment was racing at top speed at a highway so vast that twenty cars could drive side by side and still had space to manouver. As she was holding onto the side rail – which is precariously close to the edge, squealing in delight, I found myself floating on top of her with my heart in my mouth and trying my best to help holding her on for dear life.

The streets are strangely filled with dark, solid sands which gleamed.

Then the bus reached a small lane between two buildings and slowed into a tunnel leading to one of the buildings. Her parents, who are standing at the ‘watch tower’ – which was the same height as the roof of the double decker bus, were delighted to see her and hugged her immediately.

And a cold, vicious voice came from behind, exclaimed that she will never understand how a mother could lose her child. The mother, furious, turned and pointed a finger at the other lady, “I have had enough of your innuendos!”; and she paled. Afterall, she was the second wife to the same husband of the mother, and at this moment she was not getting any support from her hubby.

Suddenly I woke up, and realised that I was the guardian angel of the little golden hair girl, even though I have not even seen her face even once.

So yep, I do believe that some people’s soul fly out to another world when they sleep at night in the form of dreams…

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