sun, surf and beach @ cherating


Nevermind that Cherating is 5 hours away from KL; nevermind that it was last minute notice; nevermind that we have to leave at odd hours; nevermind that I have never surf before – I was going to the famous Cherating Beach!!!!!

So it was at 11.30pm that the 3 crazy folks – Fang, JC & me drove from KL to Cherating. We stopped for gas, for teh tarik, for food, for cigarette breaks – NO WONDER IT TOOK 5 HOURS TO REACH! And when we reached there it’s about… 5am? Just in time to sleep a little with mozzies keeping us company, woke up & then had the famous little shack nasi lemak by the road side.

So the 2 surfer dudes immediately jumped down the sea the moment day breaked. Me? Not in a million bucks will I jumped in the freezing sea water with barely enough sleep to keep my eyelids open and my bones sore enough to rattle (this is from sleeping in the car). So I remained firmly at the beach having a good time sleeping and sun baking. The whole day. *heh heh

The beach itself was… heaven. It was quiet, serene, clean, and not with a lot of people. Best of all, no funky animals like sea gulls or monkeys who just might be interested in my infested left toe.

In anycase, I decided to try surfing the next day. But then my Belly Button Ring stood in the way. No way in hell would JC let me anywhere near his surfboard as long as that ring was in plain sight. What’s a girl got to do when she wants to surf right?

So JC borrowed a spanner from the reception counter and gallantly helped to unscrew my BBR – since I couldn’t unscrew my BBR using my good’ol fingers (a result of never taking it out ever since its planted in) – in full view of the hotel personnels! *there goes my sophisticated image

Ok, now, back to surfing. After the initial fear of ‘will I be swept away by the waves?’ and ‘is my bikini top going to fall off?’ and ‘will my toes be bitten off by a nasty fish?’ I discovered it was really a COOL sport! No wonder people get addicted to it. Thanks to JC who so patiently taught me how to balance myself on the surfboard. *beam*

Come to think about it, the highlight of this trip was that I get to eat really yummy food (stuffed crabs @ StuffCrabs, famous nasi lemak @ Hai Peng, seafood @ Duyong Seafood Restaurant, river prawn noodles @ Bukit Tinggi) and sunbaked till I got a golden tan. Oh, and drooling at the washboard abs of the cute surfers!

Since I’m the official photographer there, the below pictures are mainly not of me la~ :'(

Here’s the famous Hai Peng coffee shop

And here’s the most delicious prawn noodle I’ve ever eaten!

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